Quotes and Insights by Thomas William Phelps


  • 100 to 1 in the Stock Market: A Distinguished Security Analyst Tells How to Make More of Your Investment Opportunities



  • “To make money in stocks, you must have vision to see, courage to buy and patience to hold. Patience is the rarest of the three.”
  • “The reason that more people don’t make 10,000% on their money is that they don’t set their goals high enough!”
  • “When looking for the biggest game, never ever, shoot at anything small.”
  • “No matter how high the rate of return, the company cannot grow by plowing back earnings if it already has enough capacity to supply all foreseeable markets.”
  • “Perhaps the greatest advantage of all in buying top quality stocks without visible ceilings on their growth is that when we do so we give ourselves the chance to profit by the unforeseeable and the incalculable.”
  • “Far more money can be made by good stock selection, than by good market timing.”
  • “The more successful one is at market timing, the greater is the temptation to rely on it and thus miss much greater opportunities of buying right and holding on.”
  • “The point I am trying to make, of course, is that even if one knew what the stock market was going to do, it could still be more profitable to forget it and concentrate on trying to find the right stock to buy.”