Quotes and Insights by Peter C. Oppenheimer


  • The Long Good Buy: Analysing Cycles in Markets
  • 高盛首席分析師教你看懂進場的訊號:洞悉市場週期,贏在長期好買賣 (Traditional Chinese Edition)
  • Carnegie Papers on Political Economy : Demand for Military Expenditures ; Strategic Arms Limitation Treaties & Innovations in Weapons




  • “Valuation does tell you something of the long-term return, but is not good for short term timing, which is a very obvious point of course.”
  • “If you buy when the market is cheap you are more likely to make good returns. As a result of 40 years decline in global rates, you have seen financial assets become more expensive.”
  • “Absolute valuation is high, but if you a look at dividend yields, vs bond yields – and you are prepared to hold for a long term – then you will get the cumulative growth of income from equity and are likely to do better.”