Quotes and Insights by Oren Klaff


  • Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal
  • Flip the Script: Getting People to Think Your Idea is Their Idea
  • Załatw To!
  • The First Six Seconds: Flip the Script




  • “When you own the frame, others react to you.”
  • “They want to see someone forced into action and positively overcoming obstacles.”
  • “When you are reacting to the other person, that person owns the frame. When the other person is reacting to what you do and say, you own the frame.”
  • “There are limits to the human attention span, which is why a pitch must be brief, concise, and interesting,”
  • “Money is never a prize; it’s a commodity, a means for getting things done. Money simply transfers economic value from place to place so that people are able to work together.”
  • “As you share your story, there has to be some suspense to it because you are going to create intrigue in the telling of the story by telling only part of the story. That’s right, you break the analyst frame by capturing audience attention with a provocative story of something that happened to you, and then you keep their attention by not telling them how it ends until you are ready.”
  • “No pitch or message is going to get to the logic center of the other person’s brain without passing through the survival filters of the crocodile brain system first. And because of the way we evolved, those filters make pitching anything extremely difficult.”
  • “Frames are psychological referencing systems that all people use to gain a perspective and relevance on issues. Frames influence judgment. Frames change the meaning of human behavior.”
  • “As I’ve said before, the brain is a cognitive miser. Unless it can get value for itself, it stops paying attention.”
  • “It doesn’t matter how well you argue, the way your points are crafted, or how elegant your flow and logic. If you do not have high status, you will not command the attention necessary to make your pitch heard. You will not persuade, and you will not easily get a deal done.”
  • “Defiance and light humor are the keys to seizing power and frame control.”
  • “Nobody wants to invest time or money into an old deal that has been sitting around. This is why you need to introduce a “Why now?” frame.”
  • “What is vitally important is making sure your message fulfills two objectives: First, you don’t want your message to trigger fear alarms. And second, you want to make sure it gets recognized as something positive, unexpected, and out of the ordinary—a pleasant novelty.”