Quotes and Insights by Michael Masterson


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  • “Great sales letters don’t tell the customer what to think … or feel … or want. They locate the prospect’s feelings, thoughts, and desires, and then stimulate them. They provoke the prospect to do the feeling and thinking on her own. In taking this indirect approach, you avoid the possibility that your prospect will take refuge in denial, and give her a chance to follow the course of her own feelings.”
  • “Success is about smart risk management, not about wild risk taking.”
  • “Shortened attention spans and increased skepticism have added new rules for an effective lead.”
  • “But, the Rule of One does not mean you can’t have a story and a secret and an emotionally-compelling fact in the same lead. It means that the lead is strongest that promotes one compelling idea by supporting that idea with all the appropriate techniques … stories,”
  • “Business should not be like war. It should be like love. And not a steamy, one night stand, but a mutually beneficial, steadily improving romance that lasts a lifetime.”
  • “Begin your career as a copywriting lover, not a fighter, and you will always be doubly blessed — with good money and goodwill.”