Quotes and Insights by Josh Young




  • “The industry should be more open about the good it does for humanity. Focusing on the positives is great for morale and could help improve broader sentiment toward the industry.”
  • “Young people have the ability to look at problems from a fresh perspective and are more inclined to apply technology to solving problems. There are many opportunities from new applications of existing technologies, as well as inventing new ones.”
  • “Plentiful oil and gas is key to improving the quality of life of the poorest and least fortunate people in the world. Investing in the industry is an incredible social good, in addition to the financial aspect.”
  • “Practice has helped the most. The best thing I’ve done is hiring interns and employees who I’ve helped progress in their careers and who are great for further development as they move on and provide feedback and sounding-boards.”
  • “I’m a value investor, and I found analyzing oil and gas companies to be intuitive. I also really like the people, and I noticed that there is a cumulative advantage in focusing on the industry—the more I learned, the better I got.”
  • “Co-founding and growing a public equity, oil and gas investment fund at a time when both the industry and public equities have been very out of favor has been immensely challenging. Embracing the Bison ethos and ‘facing into the storm’ has allowed for success as others changed focuses or left the industry.”