Quotes and Insights by Geoff Lewis


  • The Turkish Language Reform: A Catastrophic Success (Oxford Linguistics)
  • Turkish grammar
  • Turkey (Nations of the modern world)
  • Turkish (Teach Yourself Books)
  • Modern Turkey, (Nations of the modern world)




  • “The Bank of Japan realizes that maintaining zero [percent] interest rates introduces moral hazard into the financial system.”
  • “There’s considerable nervousness about the direction of interest rates. After having such a strong run earlier, markets need some time to catch their breath.”
  • “This Indonesia thing is a storm in a tea cup. I don’t see any chance of this developing into a 1997 crisis. Asia’s made too much progress.”
  • “Ending super-easy monetary policy is a big plus for the equity market because it means economic recovery is going to be sustained, the exit from deflation is for real, and the economy is becoming a more normal economy.”