Quotes and Insights by Cornelius Vanderbilt


  • The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt




  • “You have undertaken to cheat me. I won’t sue you, for the law is too slow. I’ll ruin you.”
  • “Never tell anyone what you are going to do till you’ve done it.”
  • “Never be a minion, always be an owner.”
  • “If I had learned education I would not have had time to learn anything else.”
  • “I don’t care half so much about making money as I do about making my point, and coming out ahead.”
  • “I am not afraid of my enemies, but by God, you must look out when you get among your friends.”
  • “I have always served the public to the best of my ability. Why? Because, like every other man, it is to my interest to do so.”
  • “I have been insane on the subject of money-making all my life.”
  • “There is no friendship in trade.”
  • “It is not according to my mode of doing things, to bring a suit against a man that I have the power in my own hands to punish.”