October 28 2022 – Explorations & Discoveries

“Another force that allows serendipity to act in evolution is exaptation, which occurs when a feature of an organism evolved for one function proves useful in an entirely different context.”
~Kenneth O. Stanley and Joel Lehman

Unexpected Articles from this Week

A ganzflicker is flickering light that can create an instant psychedelic experience. It has been used to influence and inspire many people through the ages, including the two of us. We are an art historian and brain scientist working together on an interactive showcase of ganzflicker techniques used in science and art. Read more here.

Seba Bank’s new NFT custodial service allows the bank’s retail and institutional clients to store any Ethereum-based NFTs, including tokens from world-famous NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks. The service is integrated into customers’ bank accounts, allowing clients to include their NFTs in their total wealth picture and manage them like any other digital asset. Read more here.

The World Bank’s latest Commodity Markets Outlook report finds that elevated commodity prices could prolong inflationary pressures in many developing economies. The report documents that, in U.S. dollar terms, the prices of most commodities have declined from their recent peaks amid concerns of an impending global recession. However, because of currency depreciations, almost 60 percent of oil-importing emerging-market and developing economies saw an increase in domestic-currency oil prices during this period. Read more here.

Scientists have discovered new microscopic species which have eluded the attention of researchers for more than a century. Their approach to research and the discovery of these new and rare species will aid in the public’s and scientists’ understanding of life at the microscopic level. In addition, they believe it will demonstrate the significance of microscopic life to everyone in the world and inspire thousands of young people to be interested in science. Read more here.

Researchers at the University of Colorado have found that using multiple data types in drug discovery is important in order to get a more complete picture of how a drug works. The team screened over 1,000 drugs and found that gene expression and cell morphology should be used together to get the most accurate view of a drug’s mechanism. This study is useful for scientists who are researching ways to reverse disease phenotypes or quantifying cell response to chemicals or genetic perturbations. Read more here.

What I am reading

Estimating Downside Market Risk  (Article)

Snow Leopard (Book)

Building From the Ground Up (Book)

Advances in Financial Machine Learning (Book)

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