October 21 2022 – Explorations & Discoveries

“The second lesson is that after any failure you can choose to interpret it negatively, positively or neutrally; and you can decide either to change your actions and perhaps even part of your personality, or to change the context in which you deploy them.” 
~Richard Koch

Unexpected Articles from this Week

San Diego startups raised $1.04 billion in the third quarter, which is down from last year’s record highs, but still ranks as the 10th highest quarterly total for San Diego venture capital investment since Venture Monitor began publishing data in 2014. Even though startup funding has dropped throughout 2022, the region still managed to rank 8th nationwide for venture capital raised in the third quarter. Read more here.

A manuscript attributed to Galileo Galilei found to be a forgery in August has led to the discovery that a different, controversial book was authored by the celebrated Italian astronomer. The revelation in August that a manuscript attributed to Galileo Galilei was a forgery has led to the discovery of a different book that the celebrated Italian astronomer actually did write, but under a pseudonym, a new investigation finds. Read more here.

The researchers have discovered a molecule in the brain, called a kinase, which is crucial to both removing plaque buildup associated with Alzheimer’s and preventing the debris buildup that causes MS. This molecule directs the activity of brain cleaners called microglia. These immune cells were once largely ignored by scientists but have, in recent years, proved vital players in brain health. The findings could one day let doctors augment the activity of microglia to treat or protect patients from Alzheimer’s, MS and other neurodegenerative diseases. Read more here.

Scientists have found the first known Neanderthal family by analyzing fossils from a cave in Russia. The family, which includes a father, his teenage daughter, and other close relatives, most likely died together from starvation. The findings paint a tragic picture of our extinct relatives, who roamed Eurasia tens of thousands of years ago. Read more here. 

The study found that the dwarf galaxies in the Fornax Cluster are more disturbed than what is predicted by the Standard Model. The study concludes that the current standard model of gravity cannot explain the observed morphologies of dwarf galaxies in a self-consistent way, and that the Milgromian dynamics theory (MOND) provides a better explanation. Read more here.

What I am reading

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