November 18 2022 – Explorations & Discoveries

“Perhaps survive and reproduce can be more naturally seen as a constraint on evolution.”
~Kenneth O. Stanley and Joel Lehman

Unexpected Articles from this Week 

This article discusses a new hypothesis that suggests that the signature traits of early primates were a result of their hunting methods. Small primates would sneak up on their prey in the trees and ambush them. This hypothesis explains why early primates developed traits such as forward-facing eyes, nails instead of claws, and the ability to leap. The article also discusses how this new hypothesis is based primarily on living primates and how more research is needed to test the ideas in the study. Read more here.

A consumer reports (CU) survey has revealed that owners of electric vehicles are complaining about its problematic nature which they find unreliable.
In the United States, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, and other brands ranked top as the most unreliable electric vehicle brand. Although these brands experience very high patronage, the owners are complaining about not having a good experience using them. Read more here

The PLT5 522FA_P-M12 is a 514 nm off-the-shelf semiconductor laser emitter that offers 50 mW optical power. It is designed as an alternative to argon-ion lasers for applications in life science research and diagnostics, and is compatible with fluorescent dyes in the 514 nm range and various third-party lenses. Read more here.

What I am reading

•The Pumpkin Plan (Book)

•The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (Book)

Monster Stock Lessons (Book)

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