November 04 2022 – Explorations & Discoveries

“In the investment marketplace, prerational impulses of survival lead to wild overvaluation and undervaluation.”
~Robert R. Prechter Jr.

Unexpected Articles from this Week 

A research group from HKUST has discovered a method to identify the aging MuSC based on its chromatin signature. If the chromatin signature of an aging cell can be reverted to that of a young cell, then the process of cellular aging, and, in this case, the aging of skeletal muscle tissue—could be put on hold or even reversed.  Read more here.

The number of job openings in the US surged in September, despite the Federal Reserve’s efforts to loosen up the tight labor market. The Fed is expected to approve another interest rate increase this week. The latest job numbers are unlikely to sway central bank officials from this decision. Read more here. 

A team of researchers has found the earliest gibbon fossil, filling a long-missing evolutionary gap in the history of apes. The study, published in the Journal of Human Evolution, focuses on the hylobatid family of apes, which comprises 20 species of living gibbons that are found throughout tropical Asia. The fossil, found in the Yuanmou area of Yunnan Province in southwestern China, is of a small ape called Yuanmoupithecus xiaoyuan. Read more here.

This research team looked at five open star clusters and found that, according to Newton’s laws of Gravity, the number of stars in each tail should be similar. However, they found that the front tail always contained significantly more stars than the rear tail. They attribute this to a theory known as MOND- Modified Newtonian Dynamics. Read more here.

Family offices are private wealth management advisory firms that cater to ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families. They originated from in-house real estate companies and many still maintain real estate as a staple asset in their portfolios. The ecosystem of real estate and family offices can be roughly divided into two major camps: those invested and those who are not. Read more here. 

What I am reading

•Clockwork-Like ‘Computer’ Discovered Inside Brainless Microscopic Organism

•”Rising Home Prices Are Mostly From Rising Rents”

•Machine Learning for Algorithmic Trading

•Building a Second Brain

•One Bullet Away

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