May 26 2023 – Explorations & Discoveries

“We believe that executive leadership can be mastered and that a leader’s checklist can focus mastery on the most vital principles for navigating through virtually any leadership challenge. We have similarly come to conclude that much the same kind of director’s checklist can be important for boards to lead as well.”
~Ram and Dennis

Unexpected Articles from this Week

A recent study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that taking a daily multivitamin (in this case, Centrum Silver) for three years can improve memory and slow some of the cognitive decline that comes with aging. The study had 3,500 participants over age 60, who were randomly assigned to take the multivitamin or a placebo, and after a year and two years of taking the multivitamin, the researchers evaluated their brain function and found that those who took the multivitamin improved their ability to immediately recall items, compared to the placebo group. Read more here.

Experts are calling for the Government to intervene and regulate private rent or use the benefits system to help those struggling due to the rising rent inflation in the private rental market. Private rents are rising despite an overall drop in consumer inflation, making it unaffordable for renters, particularly those on low incomes. The Government is not currently considering rent controls to limit rent increases and the benefits system is limited, leaving private renters at serious risk of hardship. Read more here. has launched its Custom ioDisease Model CellsTM offering, giving scientists the ability to commission their desired disease-relevant mutation in human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived cells powered by opti-ox technology. This offering provides scientists with a consistent and ready-to-use human cell model to study the effects of a disease-specific mutation with precision, allowing for fast and scalable disease research. This is a powerful tool to overcome the limitations of animal models and cell lines that lack standardisation and optimised protocols. Read more here.

A new study by German researchers, published in the scientific journal Nature, has uncovered a potential answer to the time-old question of what drives ageing and how to reverse it. The study found that gene transcription – the process in which a cell makes an RNA copy of a strand of DNA – becomes faster with age but less precise and more error-prone. The researchers used worms, mice, and fruit flies to determine that low-calorie diets and inhibiting insulin signalling could slow down the transcription process and reduce the number of faulty copies, potentially allowing us to delay ageing and extend lifespan. Read more here.

What I am reading

Money, Banking, and Markets – Connecting the Dots (Article)

The Predictioneer’s Game (Book)

Ecological-Evolutionary Theory (Book)

The Testosterone Hypothesis (Book)

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