May 12 2023 – Explorations & Discoveries

“The real reason you’re dissatisfied is because you didn’t give enough detail or guidance when delegating (which is why entrepreneurs tend to revert to the Deciding phase).”

~Mike Michalowicz

Unexpected Articles from this Week

Despite the political pressure to “de-risk” their relationship with China, German companies are still increasing their investment in the country. Preliminary data from the German Economic Institute show a 11% increase in 2022, and with China being the world’s second largest market, it is still an important trading partner for Germany. German industry leaders argue that cutting economic ties with China would have major repercussions, and the government is looking for ways to reduce the risks posed by the relationship, whilst still maintaining it. Smaller companies are now looking for alternatives, but this is a slow process, requiring free trade agreements and investments in other countries in the region. Read more here.

The popular messaging platform WhatsApp is under scrutiny after a discovery that it was accessing the microphone even when the phone was not in use. This has sparked concerns about data privacy and security for many users, and even Twitter CEO Elon Musk has commented on the issue. The official WhatsApp account has released a statement, claiming the issue lies with Android’s Privacy Dashboard, and that they are in contact with Google to resolve the issue. Until then, users should be aware of the potential risk and take necessary precautions. Read more here.

The spring buying season is in full swing and it’s a good time to consider buying or selling a home. Despite the higher mortgage rates and limited housing inventory, homeownership is still a worthwhile investment. Working with a REALTOR® can help buyers and sellers negotiate the terms of sale and find the right home. Existing-home sales jumped 14.5% in February and housing inventory is expected to remain tight throughout 2023. Read more here.

Malicious attackers can exploit APIs by tampering with data in unexpected ways. This includes changing headers, abusing parameters, and tainting payloads in order to bypass validation controls, access internal or administrative functions, and gain access to sensitive information. It is important for developers to be aware of these techniques and ensure that proper input validation is in place. Read more here.

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Silicon Valley Bank’s Risks Went Deep. Congress Wants to Know Why. (Article)

The Half-Life of Facts (Book)

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The Great Game of Business (Book)

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