May 05 2023 – Explorations & Discoveries

“In technical jargon, the stock market has many degrees of freedom, while chaos theory requires only a few.”
~Didier Sornette

Unexpected Articles from this Week

Congressional Republicans are considering reducing federal spending on NASA as part of a deal to raise the debt limit. NASA’s funding of an air quality monitoring program in Florida, which is controversial due to the unreliable data it produces and the fact that it is unnecessary as the state government already handles air quality permitting and monitoring, is seen as an opportunity for possible cost cutting. The outcome of the program, which runs through the end of May, will likely have an impact on NASA’s credibility and federal funding. Read more here.

A study conducted by Israeli and Canadian researchers found that green tea contains botanical toxins that may cause serious liver damage in some people, particularly women. Symptoms of this condition, known as herbal-induced liver injury (HILI), include weakness, loss of appetite, dark urine, pale stools, itchy skin and jaundice. Although green tea has many health benefits, people should be aware of the risks and seek medical attention if they experience any suspicious symptoms. The study may also be beneficial to doctors and patients in order to get a full picture of a person’s prognosis, especially those with liver issues. Read more here.

Research has shown that language shapes how we think, with different language families having different syntax and grammatical structures. MRIs have been used to observe differences in the brain structure of native speakers of German and Arabic, suggesting that the language we speak can influence how our brains form connections. Anthropologists and second-language speakers have also experienced unique patterns in how language shapes our perception of the world.Read more here.

The most famous thought experiment is Schrödinger’s Cat, which demonstrates the principle of uncertainty in quantum mechanics. This paradox has implications for the nature of reality and is used in the development of technologies such as quantum computers. Thought experiments can help us explore what theoretical physics mean without running the risk of causing physical harm. Read more here.

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Edge of the Edge (Article)

Warren Buffett’s Ground Rules (Book)

Secular Cycles (Book)

The Echoes of Babylon (Book)

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