February 10 2023 – Explorations & Discoveries

“A business is not dead capital. It is alive in almost every sense of the word. It includes living people: customers, employees, managers, competitors, and suppliers. This requires owners to have real, human relationships, with the loyalties and responsibilities that go along with them.”
~Bill Bonner and Will Bonner

Unexpected Articles from this Week 

The drug development process is highly time-consuming and labor-intensive. Automation, in combination with analytical technologies and machine learning, has been adopted by pharmaceutical companies as a way to accelerate drug discovery and development. However, this process also requires expertise in chemometrics analysis, robotics and sampling methods, as well as knowledge of the most recent developments in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Read more here.

The National Council on Aging president has warned that potential legislation to reduce Social Security and Medicare benefits could hurt millions of people. Those retiring in the next couple of years should consider delaying their Social Security filing to increase the amount they receive and potentially prevent them from having to return to work. Read more here.

Researchers at UCL and the University of Cambridge have discovered a new, amorphous form of ice called medium-density amorphous ice between the two main types of amorphous ice previously known. This discovery may have far-reaching consequences, rewriting our understanding of water and its many anomalies. It may also suggest that liquid water exists as two liquids at very cold temperatures and could trigger tectonic motions and “icequakes” in the kilometers-thick covering of ice on moons such as Ganymede. Read more here.

An AI-generated Seinfeld show is being streamed on Twitch, which has become a communal experience for viewers to watch and cheer on the AI as it gets things right. The show, called Nothing, Forever, is created using Open AI’s GPT-3 model, which is trained on the entire corpus of the internet, producing outputs that have a resemblance to the original Seinfeld show. The creators are pushing the boundaries on what can be created with AI and machine learning, with the goal of producing something just as strong as any traditional media. Read more here.

The multifamily and commercial real estate industry has been transitioning from a policy-induced boom market to a market-based real estate investment environment. This transition has been rough for many owners, as higher interest rates have caused property values and yields to fall. In 2023, investors will need to focus on managing revenue and operating costs, reassess their ability to execute their business plans, and update their models for new operating and cap rate assumptions. Read more here.

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•The Banker’s Code (Book)

•Excess Returns (Book)

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